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WHAT? Senate APPROVES Performance Rights Act

Well it looks like urban radio better be on alert as the Senate has approved the allowing musicians, who have to be cheering right now for the possibility of this bill being passed. If that happens, artists will be paid royalties by American radio stations to use their songs on the air.  The payments would go to the record labels who would then distribute to the artists. The debate has been a proverbial which came first the chicken or the egg argument because had it not been for radio most artists would have never become stars but now artists help to drive the popularity and ratings of a radio station too.

Without question, urban stations will be greatly affected if the bill passes. musicFirst Coalition, which has been campaigning for years for radio royalties, has welcomed the move. Executive director Jennifer Bendall says, “Today we are one step closer to righting a wrong that has existed since the early days of radio; one step closer to winning the fight for fundamental justice that has been waged by countless artists and musicians over the last 80 years.” Bendall is excited now that the campaign is making progress and two congressional committees have approved a bill to create a fair performance right on radio. If this bill does pass the House and Senate a final bill would be forwarded to President Obama. I have predicted that urban radio will drastically change over the next 2 years, without question, if this bill passes it will be the catalyst to initiate that change. Either way, I can guarantee you the corps(e) are seriously looking at selling some urban stations off to buyers who will ultimately be independent. What corporation would buy more stations when all of them are struggling? In addition, if this bill passes it will also ignite urbans to seriously start looking at ALL areas of revenue including local, which means syndication may be in deep shit. I have an idea of how syndication could benefit but that would be helping the concept so I won’t reveal what I am thinking.

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