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Sean Ross Talks about the Future of Radio

 width=I have always respected Sean Ross, he has great insight and constantly remains on the cutting edge of . Check out these videos… Kev

Latest Videos from the Third Annual Future of Radio Conference

At this year and last year’s conference we invited two researchers to give us their view of the future of radio based both on their personal observations from working in the industry as well as data on industry trends. These trends affect the drivers in our Scenario Model.

This year our presenters were:

Sean Ross ““ Research

Sean talked about radio’s future from the perspective of a and researcher, and opened with the comment that “most of the brightest and best in the industry are doing just enough in digital to waste it all.” He followed with observations about the improvement of many of the simulcast over the last year and his thoughts on how to address the challenges of the future of radio.

Rick Ducey ““ /Kelsey

Rick brought us a wealth of data that he and his colleagues have been collecting relative to ad spending and other key factors.   This information indicates where the is going, and much can be gained from listening to Rick’s view of how digital media is evolving.

These are the last two videos we will release from this year’s conference held in Hilton Head, SC.   The videos can be accessed at www.FutureofRadioOnline.com on the Conference Videos page.

There are a of opinion leaders writing and speaking about the slowness of operators/owners to make changes in their radio operations to embrace digital opportunities. In the coming weeks, I will invite many knowledgeable practitioners in the radio business to contribute content to this site that will help you deal with the challenges of the changing landscape of the radio environment. I will also be writing about the dynamics of change in organizations. Resistance to change is not a surprise”¦it is actually normal. Understanding that resistance and doing something about it is possible.