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SC Teacher Sentenced in Bang with 5 Black Males (video)

when I was a teenager, a teen-aged male was respected if he could screw of the teachers and it was taking place. But a gang bang in a situation like this would score you into the stratosphere with the other teens. Perhaps that’s just the way men think. I remember 12-year-old pregnant girls in 7th grade when I was growing up and they were still allowed to come to school and take classes with everybody else and blinked an eye. Think to when you were 15 or 16… were you having sex? If not, were you thinking about it all the ? I I was horny as and probably would have screwed everybody in a nursing home. My son was born when I was 15. Perhaps, there is a double stand ard but then in our society there a LOT of double stand ards but the minister saying their “lives have been ruined,” at that age when hormones raging is probably not accurate. In this society, this type of situation is applauded and men don’t look at sex the same way women do even when we that age. The black judge apparently saw this as big deal as well. Granted, she was a teacher and she took advantage, advantage of the situation (I mean 5 black teens!). But do you really think these black teen males are going to suffer mental anguish because of it? The minister crying “Racism” like an idiot considering the judge was black.