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Russell Poole Former LAPD Detective’s Death Leaves More Questions: Tupac & Biggie Investigator Died Pursuing Wild Conspiracy Theory


“Tupac and Biggie” Investigator Died Pursuing Wild Conspiracy Theory

Corona, CA- Six months after releasing a book on the unsolved murders of rap legends Christopher “Notorious BIG” Wallace and Tupac Shakur, L.A.P.D. DetectiveRussell Poole died yesterday discussing that case with LA Sheriff’s Department investigators. Author Richard “RJ” Bond of the book “Tupac 187 The Red Knight”to which Poole contributed, says Poole was determined but mislead by conspiracy theorist hired to help ghost write the book for him.

Many familiar with the unsolved killings know the name of former L.A.P.D. Detective Russell Poole. Poole was the lead detective on the Wallace homicide and witness for the Wallace family in their lawsuit against the L.A.P.D. But today Author of the book “Tupac: 187 The Red Knight” and producer of the acclaimed “Tupac Assassination” DVD series sheds insight into Poole’s last days and what lead to the meeting with the Sherriff’s department.

Bond points to an email Poole wrote in January 2015 when the book was released.

“RJ: I’m very happy with our book. The contents hold enough information to reopen both murder cases. With the right Law Enforcement Agency working the case, and smart & creative interrogation, this case will result in prosecutions & or officially solving the case. I believe in the success of this project & am proud to be a part of it. Let’s move forward & make some money. Regards, Russ”.

“Russ was my hero,” said Bond, “but Russ was mislead after ‘187’ by a conspiracy theorist, who spent the greater part of last year trying to embellish and expand theories that Russell and I worked on in both “187” and in the “Tupac-Assassination” movies I produced- some of them were beyond outrageous. Enough has to be enough”.

“There was an internal rift between (Michael) Carlin (listed as co-author of ‘187’) and I over the marketing of ‘187.’” added Bond. “Russ was kind of in the middle. Russell really wanted to close Wallace and Shakur (by relation), but was too close to it. This lead to some troubles he had later.”

Bond says this is where the wheels fell off. “Michael has taken some elaborate extensions of ideas and theories referred to in ‘187’- which was based on Poole’s notes, and newly collected evidence that was presented and leaked by the LAPD. Michael believed that we needed to spend no money on marketing ‘187’ and refused to participate in… spending on it, because he had this ‘Field of Dreams’ take that “If we dropped it, they will buy. That and his 20,000 twitter followers were all he needed. I had a PR person lined up and all, but Carlin convinced Russ it was unnecessary.

Carlin and Poole were distant cousins (who had never met before ‘187’) and Russ had no money, Carlin convinced Russ that there was so much more to the Wallace and Shakur killings that I became this whole thing about all these corrupt cops and now you’re dragging the Sherriff’s office into it- just because at one time Reggie Wright Jr. (a person of interest in the case). Now they are tying up LAPD, LASD, the Court system (alleging altered Court transcripts of “behind closed door meetings” between David Kenner, former attorney for Death Row Records and the prosecutor’s office.

Bond states that within hours of the news dropping of Poole’s death, which Bond believes to be NOT related to any conspiracy, but rather a long standing heart condition of Poole’s, Carlin released a free download manuscript called “Chaos Merchants” which Carlin states was the “unfinished manuscript of Poole’s own book.” Upon a cursory reading it is nothing more that re paraphrased version of “Tupac: 187”.

“I just go done reading Chaos Merchants, and my heart sunk” said Bond. “‘187’ was Russ’s theory, and that’s evidenced by the entire similarity between this Chaosmanuscript and 187. In fact, it looks like an earlier draft of the ‘187’ book Carlin was hired to ghost-write.”

“Russ needed to move on after ‘187’ came out,” added Bond. From what I see here, it is clear that Mr. Carlin kept selling Russ on some ‘bigger conspiracy’ and distracting Russ from what he needed to be doing to better his situation. I was unaware of the communications between Poole and Carlin and Suge Knight’s attorneys, and Knight’s alleged statements validating the claims made in ‘187’. I know that Reggie Wright Jr. (former head of Death Row Security and long standing person of interest in the homicides) rambled on for about 15 minutes about Knight being a ‘rat’ so something must have resonated. But until I talk with the attorneys for Knight, I can neither confirm nor deny if that information is true.”

Knight is alleged to have confirmed the events in “Tupac: 187” according to Carlin.

“Russ was dedicated to pursuing the truth, and the truth is in ‘Tupac: 187’.” Bond concluded. “Anything more than that was at best an extension of a theme; in pursuit of the truth one must be prudent, and by Carlin’s own words, neither of them were. Russ needed to be at the doctor, not at the Sherriff’s department. But at least he died doing what he believed was the right thing.”

Tupac: 187, Poole last official book, is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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