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Robin Roberts: WRONG for bringing up Rihanna Incident during Chris Brown Interview

 width=’ live interview with Chris Brown went awry this morning when she asked him about and if they could be in the same room. It appears that Chris is TRYING to move on and he is celebrating the release of his but the media will not let the incident go, unfairly making him the for men who abuse women. Robin has been around for (I remember her when she was on on Mike Roberts show, no relation) and she was just WRONG for bringing up Rihanna while this man is trying to promote his new album. From the public’s view, it might not be a big deal but Chris has probably been asked this question over and over and over during interviews and he has apologized and dealt with the legal ramifications but the media refuses to let it go. It appears that Roberts is apprehensive when asking him the question like she KNOWS it’s wrong. Perhaps the encouraged her to ask and she didn’t want to but Chris grows visibly perturbed after she asks the question. There are men who have done MUCH worse to women who the media ignores and while they are not , Chris is NOT the poster boy for abuse? Your thoughts?


  1. Blame his management team. They had to know the Rhianna question was possible. Why not prepare the young man just in case it came up? To avoid the question, is like running from a dog. Handle these situations like Michael Vick. A prepared humble response, and move on. He actually handled the interview ok, but the colateral damage is what the fallout is about. He then proceeded to trash the dressing room, break a window, sending glass raining onto 43rd. and Broadway in Manhattan, and left without a shirt on? Again, where is his management team?

  2. She’s wrong!! He’s paid and is paying dearly for his mistake. It makes her look desperate and unprofessional. Maybe people should start drilling her on her sexual orientation.

  3. She looked like she KNEW she was wrong for that. I would be willing to bet his management DID warn her not to ask that question and she did anyway which is why she appeared apprehensive. People want to act like he has a problem but if any of us was under that kind of pressure we would understand more. It’s as if he can’t do ANYTHING without the media CONSTANTLY bringing that crap up for ratings…. LET IT GO. I’m glad for Chris’ sake nobody was walking on the street and got hit by that glass.

  4. In light of what he did AFTER the interview,this tattooed miscreant needs a little jail time. Chris brown is exactly what’s wrong with the major labels today. They hype these criminals and then have to do damage control after the fact. He BEAT UP A WOMAN, he deserves some time as Big Bubba’s B*tch in Cell Block 9.

  5. “Robert Robins” know she was wrong for asking the same question numerous times. Either she is a publicity hound, or that was a greate publicity stunt to promote a very good cd. Chris Brown’s music will sell regardless of what people think about him. Talent is talent, there is no substitute. He is young and will make mistakes, what is seniors like Mel Gibson excuse for their behavior?

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