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Robert Brauer Exposes the 6 Deadly Sins of Starting an Internet Business

 width=Robert Brauer exposes the 6 Deadly Sins of starting an internet business. Every year, thousands of aspiring internet entrepreneurs set out to make some extra money online. Around 96% of those that try will fail, for one of 6 extremely common and avoidable reasons.

“When people fail I can almost guarantee they’re violating at least 1 of the 6 common reasons people fail,” says Robert Brauer, founder of The Internet Truth Project. “By avoiding these pitfalls, and focusing on proven strategies, nearly anyone can grow a massively successful internet business.”

Here are Robert’s 6 deadly sins:

Not selling a product or service that solves people’s problems. If it doesn’t solve a problem, it will almost always fail.
Not testing your online business ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible.
Not understanding the basic principles of “direct response” marketing.
Thinking that everything will work the first time.
Not understanding where sales or leads are coming from.
Falling for scams and/or fly-by-night techniques.
Robert also adds, “Studies have shown a 54 to 1 scam ratio in the work from home niche. It goes to show that scammers know that people want a ‘push-button’ solution rather than focusing on proven strategies. If new entrepreneurs understand how to protect themselves from the scams that are out there, and learn basic marketing and business principles they can have massive success in a relatively short time.”

New internet entrepreneurs deserve the truth. To watch a free, informative video that details how to avoid scams and focus on real strategies for growing a business go to: http://www.theinternettruthproject.com.

For media inquiries, to arrange an interview, or an expert quote please contact Robert Brauer at 608-852-3746 or send an email to [email protected]

Robert Brauer is a trusted expert in the field of internet marketing and business development, and built his first 6 figure business before the age of 25. He is the founder of The Internet Truth Project (http://www.theinternettruthproject.com), an organization that helps people avoid scams and focus on proven ways of growing their business.

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