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Rick Dees Appointment on KHHT Has LA Radio Community in Shock

 width=The last time I checked, Hot 92.3   plays R&B ? While I can understand ’s need to replace the which placed horrifically in the ratings, I would have never in years thought they would bring radio 40 year plus back and apparently, I am not alone.

Excuse me, I need to go and bang my head into the wall … (OK, I’m back) iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) states the , heavily Hispanic-based, says he is one of their favorites. Considering the Rick Dees brand was probably the MOST promoted during his radio with billboard, Magazine covers, TV, Solid Gold and a smash hit “Disco Duck” I would believe people REMEMBER him and his name would come up when you mention “favorite DJ” but how does that translate to “Please bring him back to do mornings on the radio for THIS century” (lol). I have to go and bang my head into the wall again. I’m trying to get all of this to make sense to me… hold on.. (OK, I’m back again, the letters look blurry give me a second so my vision can come back). iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) released Dees from his contract in 2004 from LA’s KISS and he was replaced by , now Dees is claiming he was not “released” he left on his own because he did not agree to the terms of the . (… and I take my head off at night and put it on the end table before I go to sleep). I just can’t write anything else on this story… I give up. As someone pointed out on FB an oldie from The Dazz Band and Rick Dees don’t go very well together but who am I. Rick might actually even beat Ryan Seacrest who knows.

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