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RF Tips: Budget-Trimming Tips for a Down Economy

There’s plenty of advice out there to help slash your spending — get rid of your car, throw out the television, grow your own vegetables, rent out the attic to a college student. But maybe you need a car to drive to work, have no time to garden, enjoy relaxing in front of the tube occasionally, and don’t want to bump into an 18-year-old stranger in your bathrobe.

Here are eight ways to tweak your budget and save $500 by the year’s end — with minimum hassle, and without radically changing your lifestyle.

1. Cable : If you pay for premium cable services — extra channels, , etc. — call your cable company and put your service on “vacation mode” between now and the end of the year. You’ll still receive basic service, but save temporarily on the extras.

We did this recently because we were having work done in the basement/TV room. We eliminated the “preferred tier” for two months (we don’t get the movie channels), saving $15./month. (Comcast charged $1. for the change, so the total savings was $30.)

2. Prescriptions: Only about one-third of prescription drug purchases are mostly or fully covered by insurance, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey, and prices can vary by as much as $100 for the same drug. Always ask your physician for a generic equivalent, which can cost up to 40 percent less, then shop around [ read the whole article here ]