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RF Quick 5: Azim Rashid, SVP Urban Promotions Capitol Records

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As readers of RFFocus know, we constantly tell new industry people to diversify as much as possible to have a long(er) career in the industry. Azim Rashid is the best example of what we have been talking about for almost 20 years in this forum. His energy, drive and level of confidence are evident and he is a music industry renaissance man. He has many talents and has worked in many areas of the industry developing a level of expertise that is admirable by many and done by few. As I started out in the industry as a singer, I realized you can get trapped (as I did in radio) in one career and postpone your goals but Azim manged to stay focused and driven looking at every job as an opportunity to learn and grow.  He recently relocated to Los Angeles from New York taking on the post of Senior VP of Urban Promotions for Capitol records at one of the most interesting points in the label’s history on the urban side. He took a minute out of his extremely hectic schedule to talk to RFFocus about what he’s currently working, industry lessons and advice for the up and coming.

KEVIN ROSS: Congrats on your new gig…Tell us about your diverse history in the industry.

AZIM RASHID: Thank You Kev it’s been a true blessing….without reading you my extended Bio I can tell you that I am a lifelong fan who was bitten by the music bug at an early age. I was a DJ and rapper in high school and college and was signed to Profile Records with my group from Dallas NEMESIS, I worked in retail, I did college, community and commercial radio, street team and regional Mixshow promotion and ultimately became a record promotion exec at the regional, national and for the last nine years, VP level.

KR: Tell us about the advantage to being a former artist and working with them?

AR:  In my opinion it absolutely is a difference maker because it gives me a connection that puts me on a peer level and not just someone else trying to get them to do something that they don’t understand the importance of doing. From sleepless nights, long hours on the road, bad shows and being broke while your video is playing on Television, I’ve been there.  It drives me to try and coach my artist up when things aren’t so rosey and also to let them know that there is a pay off if they work hard enough. Funny thing is that a lot of the artists I have worked with didn’t or don’t know I was an artist as well (spoiler alert) but I am proud of that time in my life, it helped get me here.

(below, Azim as a member of the Dallas, TX rap group NEMESIS, far right)


KR: What are you currently working on?

AR: We have a ton of current music at both Urban and Urban AC that I’m proud to say my team and I are having success with. Current priorities include Ne-Yo, Kem, Sam Smith, Love Dollhouse, Mike Jay, Twista and Johnny Gill with more new music coming from The-Dream, Mila J, BJ The Chicago Kid, 50 Cent, kevRoss  and more in the next few weeks. .

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