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RF Poll: So Let’s Say George Zimmerman Gets Arrested for Murder, Then he….


…turns around to look dead center into one of the news cameras and says… ‘Why are so many of you so pissed about one black man’s life? Have you considered the way you treat EACH OTHER? Have you looked at the black on black crime stats in most major cities? Do you see the news stories about black men getting killed by other black men over a piece of candy? What about all the violence that takes place in your OWN community?   Why isn’t anybody pissed off, marching or on the national news about THAT?’

If George Zimmerman said that, how you would YOU respond to it? Post a comment below…. (the staff of RFFocus thinks that we will not get one single answer for this question)


  1. Wow. That is a powerful, thought-provoking “what if”. The Black-on-Black crime that occurs within our communities is, indeed, shocking and appalling and heart-wrenching. People Do march in protest, parents ARE speaking up, neighbors, churches and community activists ARE taking action …instances DO make the news …. not always on a national level, though. IF Zimmerman were to make those comments, MY response would be that the so-called Black-on-Black crime is a moniker that is misleading. I don’t think that one Black man is thinking to himself “Hmmmm…. let me go and rob then shoot the first Black man that I see so that someone can see this as a crime against my own race.” You find same-race crimes in EVERY community. THOSE are moreso crimes of opportunity; wrong place, wrong time. What makes THIS particular crime so mortifying is the fact that it appears that Zimmerman targeted this young man simply because of the color of his skin. Zimmerman appears to ME as an unstable wanna-be cop who deliberately followed this young man, HOPING to be a “hero” and thwart some crime. EVEN IF Treyvon was up to something, the proper thing to have done is CALL THE POLICE, not try to BE THE POLICE.

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