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RF Movie Review: “Supremecy”

securedownload Supremacy is a film based on complete irony about a white supremest named Tully, played by Joe Anderson, whose innate hatred for black people ends up making him face a truth that he has been avoiding for too long which brings the movie to a great ending. It’s great to see Lela Rochon in movies again this time playing the mother of a torn family who lives with dark secrets that greatly affect each member. It’s not quite clear but the father and leader of the family Mr. Walker (Danny Glover), has done something drastic to tear the family apart yet he is the only one that is able to connect with the racist home invaders while the rest of the family wants to try to take him on especially his son (or grandson) played by Evan Ross. His other son, a cop, played by Derek Luke, tries repeatedly to connect with his unwilling father who remains distant and cold. Two supremacists, one fresh out of jail, Tully, and the other (Dawn Olivieri) a two-faced female fan of the organization kill a black cop and need a hiding place from the police and they dump their truck and happen upon this house with the unsettled family after running through the woods.  The best acting by far goes to UK actor Joe Anderson who plays Tully the supremest. He is very convincing in the role of a convict who has failed his supremacists leader’s assignment (Anson Mount) after serving 15 years and is now faced with going back to prison for murder. As part of his hostage demands when the police finally catch up to him, he calls the leader in prison who turns on him which forces him to rethink his lifelong beliefs and position. Without giving away the story, this would be a very entertaining movie to check out this weekend.

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