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REVIEW: Why “The Art of Organized Noise” is Required Watching for Young Industry People


This past week, amidst getting everything prepared for a heavy month of business traveling, I managed to catch “The Art of Organized Noise” on Netflix. I have always been more interested in the music side of the industry because I’m a musician first even before radio and it’s more exciting, there are more possibilities to earn revenue and its more creative.

Artist who understand their value, contracts, leverage, connections AND embrace diversifying have a huge opportunity to amass great success, influence, wealth and longevity, unlike radio which is very limited and where talent is often overshadowed by corporate politics. I have to admit, usually music industry documentaries are boring because they are a return to the glory days of a group and that’s pretty much it. They talk about how great the group was and how they changed the industry but they fail to address the bad deals and bad decisions by the artist SPECIFICALLY and the struggle of no longer being respected or successful. The Art of Organized Noise will not disappoint in this way.

I had heard of the group and I was very familiar with Rico Wade and what they did with Outkast, Goodie Mob, tlc and others but I was not aware of the bad deals and all the things that happened in the background. Nevertheless, I was not surprised.

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