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ReverbNation Unveils EchoMusic App

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echoReverbNation introduced a new mobile app, EchoMusic by ReverbNation  a powerful music discovery tool which enables music fans to find their new favorite band before everyone else does, all from their smart phones.

EchoMusic, which is available now for free in the Google Play store and in the iTunes App store, enables music fans to “discover the undiscovered,” by giving them immediate access to a global catalog of music from the most promising artists in the ReverbNation community and offering up the selections right on the user’s phone. Music fans simply pick a genre – the app currently features Alternative, Country, Dance, Folk, Hip Hop, Metal, Pop, R&B and Rock – and start listening.

The EchoMusic app is powered by ReverbNation’s proprietary curation-at-scale capability which enables the company to sift through as many as 200,000 new songs a month to find standout tracks. Developed over the last 2 years, ReverbNation utilizes a combination of big data and a three-tiered review system by music experts in every genre from all across the country to identify the best tracks in the company’s extensive existing catalog as well as from the 30,000 new artists that join the site every month. Many of the artists featured in EchoMusic are members of CONNECT, ReverbNation’s recently introduced artist development initiative which provides an increased level of support to the community’s most promising artists.

“We have the world’s largest catalog of music from new artists,” said ReverbNation Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Doernberg. “But we also recognize that it’s not enough just to have a lot of music. There needs to be a way for music fans to be able to make sense of all of it. The EchoMusic app contains the very best artists in our community, hand-picked by our curation team, and served up in an accessible, easy to use way that helps music fans discover new bands before anyone else and share them with their friends. As the app’s user base develops, we expect EchoMusic to become a powerful tool in ReverbNation artists’ arsenal to expand their fan bases and gain attention from music industry tastemakers.”

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