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Rest In Peace Yolanda Bennett

Yoland a Bennett, manager for Philly based indie-soul artist, Carol Riddick, traveled to Detroit from the Washington, DC area for the Urban Organic Festival in November. On Saturday, November 17 th, she fell ill and was rushed to Detroit Receiving Hospital where she remained for 40 days until her passing, on Friday, December 28th. Yoland a was astute, honest, considerate and kind (the latter two qualities rarely seen at any level of the entertainment business). It is safe to assume that many who came into contact with Yoland a are saddened by this .

Yoland a was very ambitious and , as such, was doing what she loved to do at the time of her passing; to that extent, her transition can serve as a reminder to us all to do the same. In an effort to send a message to her family to let them know what a valuable contribution Yoland a was to the entertainment industry, we are requesting donations for her family to go toward a memorial fund.

If you are interested in sending electronically i.e. Credit Card or Paypal, please contact Gaston Matthews by either calling or emailing using the below contact information:


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