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OH NO: As a Last Resort to Bring Station Revenue back…Urban Radio AGREES to do HIV Campaigns??? Urban Radio must REALLY be in Trouble!

 width=Just like mental illness and drug addiction (sans jokes) this is another important issue that has been ignoring for far too long it’s almost too damn late (laugh). Realizing that an improved marketing campaign could go far in combating the city’s skyrocketing HIV/AIDS infection rate, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty announced just that — a new advertising campaign that will carry a new message of prevention. It will reportedly focus not only on billboards, posters and the sides of Metrobuses, but it will actually take the message to the airwaves. But will this new campaign go far enough? This latest effort features a new website, www.dctakesonhiv.com, and advertisements that will air on Comcast cable television and some radio stations, including WHUR (Howard University Radio 96.3), and other Radio One operated stations (WMMJ Majic 102.3). The choice of “urban” radio formats clearly reflects an effort to target the demographic shown to have one of the highest infection rates. But young, African-Americans aren’t the only ones contracting the disease. The AIDS survey conducted by the city earlier this year showed increases in just about every demographic, and in every neighborhood. Still, it’s a start. Excerpts from the commercial, titled “Ask for the Test,” are on the new website. [read the whole story here]

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  1. Well i see nothing wrong with Urban radio doing a campaign about AIDS…to some in our community it’s still a no-no topic but we better start talking about it more. There are so many of our listeners,family members,loved ones and others that are living with or contracting HIV and AIDS weekly…matter of fact more of our recording artists should be talking about and cutting PSAs to run on URBAN radio. Check the statistics anywhere and you’ll see the new AIDS cases range from teens to those up into the 70’s age range…with the drugs like Viagra and similar drugs many of our older citizens are now added to the lists of AIDS cases..Uncle Earl wants to get his groove back but he’s not protecting himself..visit the Public Health clinics and you’ll see the reason to increase AIDS awareness.

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