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Replacement Suggestions for J. Anthony Brown for Tom Joyner

Who will Replace J. Anthony Brown?

We love the Morning Show and have the greatest respect for him as a true radio legend in the radio game who’s been at it for 40 years. He’s a solidified icon. Since has existed his 20-year post on the show, Tom needs a replacement. We gave it some thought, we know Tom and his people read RFFocus  and we wanted to give our suggestions for the best possible new candidate to replace J Anthony Brown. Your thoughts? The first one is (click Next above or below the post to see who we suggest can Replace J. Anthony Brown?)

J. Anthony Brown

Cedric the Entertainer.

Our number one suggestion is Cedric. He has great timing, appeals to both younger and older audiences because of his movies like Barbershop, he does great character impersonations and he would fit right into the format as the BEST replacement for J Anthony. Ced wants to work in radio too. This choice may not sit well with this fellow “Kings of Comedy” radio host Steve Harvey but who cares.  Work is work.(click Next above or below the post to see who we suggest can Replace J. Anthony Brown?)

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  1. I agree that there is no replacement for J. Anthony Brown!!! I miss Sherries Berries & Rev. Adenoid because J. Anthony Brown had so many characters!!! I am thankful for the relationship with Tom Joyner. I wished that something could have been worked out. TJ morning show isn’t the same!
    God bless Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown!

  2. First of all, there’s no such thing as ‘Replacing’ a
    J. ANTHONY Brown. However, whomever Tom chooses, they must be a great fit. No shade-but I hope it’s not Levell Crawford-his voice irritates my ears. He sounds like Rev. Adenoids. I miss J.A.B. considerably and I wish him well!

  3. J was too ignorant and was demeaning to black women for years. Glad he’s gone. Anybody would be better and freshen up the show…and they may even show up to work every day.

  4. I think the answer is j Anthony Brown I hope you can bring him back, I’m going to miss him saying player. I hope he didn’t sign a long term contract.

  5. The show is NOT the same without J. Anthony Brown I’m still waiting for him to say it was another prank..I miss his laugh the jokes and his camaraderie with the morning crew of the TJMS ???????

  6. I miss J. Anthony Brown so much!!! I feel like I have lost my best friend on radio. I will be trying to find him with all of my heart. Missing My J., AL

  7. Don’t listen to this anymore. Tried but jay was the show to me the three of them had perfect timing together. That will not exist for those three ever again. My biggest regret is that Tom and jays friendship has suffered or been destroyed how sad… twenty years… damn

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