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Renowned Producer Rafa Arcaute signs with SESAC Latina


rafaA multitalented virtuoso known for consistently delighting Latin music fans, Rafa Arcaute has won 10 Latin GRAMMYs® and one Recording Academy GRAMMY®. His production credits include Calle 13 and many other artists. He’s also a multi-instrumentalist and a respected songwriter. Now, Rafa Arcaute has signed with SESAC Latina, which is representing his songs’ public performing rights in the United States.

This well-educated maestro received a bachelor’s degree in contemporary composition in his native Argentina. He creates music with a passion that he describes as “uncontrollable.” His talent has allowed him to “make a living from music, with music and for music.”

Before producing Calle 13 and Diego Torres, and receiving the most Latin GRAMMYs® of any composer in 2011, Arcaute got his big break with the late Argentine rock legend Luis Alberto Spinetta. Arcaute worked on five of his albums, and received his first credit from Spinetta. “By his side, I’ve gone into every area of music.”

He’s also served as producer, musician and engineer on albums by Andrés Calamaro, Babasónicos and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, among others. He’s now working with the group Bosnian Rainbows (ex Mars Volta), the most eclectic and international project of the moment. Recording sessions for the group’s second album are underway in Hamburg, Germany.

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