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REALLY? Kevin Frazier Joins Tom Joyner?

 width= the very un-ethnic of “The Insider” is taking on a side as correspondent for “The Show.” Frazier will make weekly appearances to offer sneak peeks at segments that will end up on “Insider” and his own entertainment website, HipHollywood.com. “Kevin will be a great addition,” said Joyner, (…because we are trying to keep interested in the show, I added that part) whose show reaches an audience of more than eight million. “Not only is he a well-respected journalist, but he also has A-list connections with people our audience want to know more about.” ( Tom? If you can’t get A List celebs with 8 million something is !)


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  1. Are you guys jealous of TJMS? It seems like everytime I come on your site it’s a bashing TJMS or something negative. Just saying that’s how it comes across… dueces

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