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Are You Ready For Some NFL Week 6 Picks?

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Last week I went 3-2 but this week I’m going for nothing less than perfect with my NFL week 6 picks. Once again, let’s do my top 5 picks for the week. Since my Chicago Bears already defeated the NY Giants, I won’t include that game but jus to let you know I did pick Da Bears in that game but that was an easy pick for this week.   With, that being said,  LETS GO!


Alex+Hall+Cleveland+Browns+v+Detroit+Lions+3fey8i1K8PplI”m not sure if Megatron will be back this week for the Detroit Lions but even if he is, I just have a feeling that the Cleveland Browns will put this game out. It’s not much logic behind this pick because Detroit does have an explosive offense will everyone is healthy but the Browns don’t look too bad this year. I’m going with the Cleveland Browns in a very close game.


steelersAs much as I am a fan of , Mike Tomlin I just don’t see the Steelers getting their first win of the season against this energized New York Jets team. The Jets seem to be on a mission to save coach, Rex Ryan’s job. I can see rookie , Geno Smith making a few mistakes this week against that Steelers defense  but not enough to lose the game. The New York Jets will pull this game out.


packersLast week as much as I hated to pick the Packers to beat Detroit, I did it and I was right. Most pundits are picking the Pack to beat the Ravens but I’m going in the opposite direction. If the Packers were playing at home, I would definitely pick them again but I have a feeling the Baltimore Ravens will pull this out at home.


bradyNormally this would be a classic QB match up with two the leagues elite passers going at it but not this week. Drew Brees and his Saints will remain undefeated against and his Patriots. Drew Brees just has too many weapons and their defense has dramatically improved since last year. is severely short-handed at the moment without any real talent in the skill positions.

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