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NO COMMENT: V103's Frank Ski and Keith Sweat

dsc_0176-460x692A reader sent me this pic (from FreddyO.com)

This is of those situations where I’m going to bite the sh… out of my . Do what I’m thinking? You people (radio ) off limits… I’m done typing… my neck… is hurting… Great morning !!!

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  1. Frank:

    This is regard to the today radio show concerning the suicide of the young boy Jaheem. I feel that society as a whole are hypocrites, they talk about gays in the media in a negative connotation. We send out messages to our children that acting feminine or being gay is the lowest form of life. We should live by example and realize that children follow our example. Suicides of young gay children are not new in this country, but thank God people are seeing the affect of bullying in the school system and outside in the community could be fatal. This is no different to the to the AIDS outbreak in this country. When we thought it was only gays was getting infected. The world turn they back, but when it hit mainstream everyone realized the importance of finding a cure for it. We as a people should understand how it makes us feel when we are look down on due to the color of our skin, so why do we feel we can make someone feel less than, due to their sexual orientation. If a child listens to the morning show or watches TV, he or she will understand that being gay or acting feminine is frowned upon. You have made homophobic statements on your show regarding Ms. Sophia and constantly make it clear to your audience that you are not gay. Whether you are gay or not should not be an importance to your audience. You should be concerned with sending out positive information and being a positive role model in our community. Understand that no one is an Island, what affects one affect us all as a race of people.

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