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RDub Gets Slammed by the Sharks on Shark Tank “Radio Market Sucks”

Well, at least he tried but even Brian McKnight couldn’t convince the Sharks that RDub’s idea was a good one. RDub’s biggest mistakes were only asking for $75.000 and there is nothing unique about the show that he holds the key to. It has been/is being done by hundreds of other jocks for decades and apparently the Sharks, who are not radio could see that. While his presentation was well rehearsed, it was hard to figure out what Rdub was asking for money for. Had Rdub invented or come up with the concept and he was presenting in 1980, he probably would have had better luck (FYI the Quiet Storm was started by DC  jock the late Melvin Lindsey  30 years ago some say Cathy Hughes created it but vets side that it was actually Lindsey). The Sharks felt there needed to be something more and that the potential to reach a younger demo with older artists and old school music was not possible (was that a stab at ’s career?).  Finally, Damon stated he doesn’t listen to the kind of radio that RDub is producing so they all quickly backed out. I was thinking has someone like appeared on here 5 years ago for something more unique (Gospel for Teens) he would have been funded. We also found this other video of Rdub on  promoting Slow Jamz from the mid 2000s

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