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Raven Symone and Her Ex Girlfriend? (pic)

I knew you would look (lol). Sexy pic. Some people say it is her, some say it isn’t. Who knows.



  1. I’m really disappointed in Raven. I’ve always talked about how good of a girl she was especially when comparing her to Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears and all the other girls who grew up in the industry. I gave her guardians praise for raising her to be respectful of herself and in keeping her business to herself. And now this? :-/. This saddens me deeply.

    Being a sex symbol is not cool and these little girls watching them need to understand that. Somethings are just meant to be kept behind closed doors. Just like all the other tween stars who’ve, in their adulthood, made a full of themselves and of woman in general, my daughter will not be able to continue to watch any reruns of shows, movies, music, etc. that Raven is a part of. As much as it hurts, I can not condone this behavior. 🙁

    • but who are you to judge some one lifestyle ? everybody sin . im sure you are sinning and your kids are too or they are going too. thats whats wrong with people these days always judging others. sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around somebody elses . AND YES i am a homosexual ! judge me !

  2. Seriously! Grown ass folk have the right to love who they choose, they also have the right to display their affection in which ever way they choose. Disney does not own anyone, and even thou Walt is probably turning over in his grave, he wanted Disney to be the happiest place on earth. So love who you love!

  3. I love this photo. I live for raven. And how she lives her life is her business people so quick to judge , she didn’t do anything disrespectful but live y’all should try it . Nobody gives a damn if y’all don’t watch her re runs she has plenty of people who will , wth this picture gotta do with her re runs people so childish.. I vote team Ravy!!!!!

  4. I agree with Andria. She is an adult and is simply expressing her love and passion. I think the pic is beautiful and I am not gay but I appreciate love and the passion to express it. Not sure if the pic was private and leaked out to the public, but I am proud she is able to express who she is.

  5. People can and will be with who they want. But Raven has had a clean persona that parents have pointed out to their children. Now she has completely flip the script on all the parents who may not agree with homosexuality. Weather you are straight or homosexual, you should not put all of your business out there for people especially children to see it. I bet Bill Cosby damn near fell out. Seriously though I’m really gonna need Ms. Raven to PULL IT 2GETHER. Either way Ball on girl and be happy and careful.

  6. Don’t think that is so…Raven.
    That IS her ‘girl’friend, though. Jeez, why not just date a dude?

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