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Rapper True-Lee Turns Down Six Figure Deal

 width=17 year old rapprodigy “TRU-LEE” Who inked a deal with Paul Alfonso Founder and CEO of HRH Group, just turned down a 6 figure publishing deal with an undisclosed major label. Fielding several offers, he is currently prepping for his 7 city tour in Asia scheduled for fall 2012. The tour begins in Tokyo and will wrap up in Shanghai. True- Lee is also finalizing negotiations to do a movie entitled “City of Dreams” (working title)Directed by Angelo Perez. As a fresh new face in hip-hop TRU-LEE’S popularity has already garnered him a clothing and jewelry endorsement deal.

Paul Alfonso: HRH Group
Artist: Tru-Lee
Director: Angelo Perez


  1. Poorly written article, but even more poorly executed PR stunt. A no-name manager, a no-name director, a non-existent music career. When you Google “Paul Alfonso”, the only thing that comes up are scam reports.

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