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RFFocus Drive Thru Interview: Melanie Fiona

drive thruWith a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Wrong Side Of A Love Song,” the already Grammy Award winning singer, Melanie Fiona is living “The MF Life” to the fullest. The canadian born R&B vocalist is talented as they come and she is absolutely honored and feels blessed that she gets to share those gifts with the world. RFFocus had a chance to talk to Ms. Fiona about winning a Grammy, her journey as an artist, life imitating art, and we got her to make a few “ratchet confessions”as she calls them.

The MF LifeRadioFacts: Your current album entitled “The MF Life” has brought you another Grammy nomination and has led you around the world. After all the Grammy’s, awards, shows, accolades what is the one thing that remains constant in Melanie Fiona’s life?

Melanie Fiona:My passion for what I do stays constant. I absolutely love what I do and I feel very blessed that I get to do what I love to do and share it with the world. No matter what is going on around me the passion never goes away and I only want to improve on what I do. I love being able to travel and connect with people and share my gift with them. This is an amazing experience and I never want to take it for granted. My love for my family and their love for me also remains constant in my life and I definitely appreciate them for (For More of the MF Life Click “Next”) believing in me which allowed me go after this opportunity I have been given. I just really love creating, performing and writing music and I will always do that no matter what.

Melanie F2.1RadioFacts:  In a past interview you once said that you wrote about all the hardships of relationships while you were in a happy relationship and that relationship ended up mimicking the songs you wrote. Do you think that was life imititaing art? Or deep down inside you knew it wouldn’t last?

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