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RFFocus Drive-Thru Interview: Johnny Gill: Part-1


 RFFocus Drive-Thru Interview: Johnny Gill: Part-1

RFFocus had the chance to chop it up with one of R&B’s best male crooners that arguably possesses one of the top five voices in the business, Mr. Johnny Gill. Whether its performing gospel with his family, singing duets with Stacy Lattisaw, taking New Edition to the next level, getting his grown man on with LSG, or driving women crazy with his classic hit, “My My My,” Johnny Gill or JG as many call him, has stood the test of time and every twist and turn that industry has thrown at him. We talked to him about the industry, the evolution of R&B, the dynamics of being in a group, lack of respect in the industry, and what does it take to be “Still Winning.” Find out what Johnny had to say…
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JGMainRadioFacts:  Are you pleased with the evolution of R&B music and the various sub genres that are categorized as R&B music that you hear on the radio?

Johnny Gill:  I think R&B is still R&B. It definitely has different trends. If you think about Neo-Soul, its nothing but R&B except they name it something different. It’s soul music. It’s nothing that hasn’t been played before. There are no keys or chords that we haven’t heard already. Overall, when you think about the beat and the production, it changes because the technical aspect of making music has changed. If you listen to a record that was recorded in 1980 versus a record that was recorded in 2008, you hear different dynamics that changes the sound of the music but in the end it’s still R&B. When I listen to the radio today and hear some of the different (read more click “next”)elements that have been added, it’s still R&B to me.

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