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RFFocus Drive Thru Interview: Eric Benet

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RFFocus Drive Thru Interview:

RFFocus is proud to announce the return of the Drive Thru Interview! In our first interview of 2013 we are featuring the man that wanted to know all about  a woman’s “Femininity” as he sang along side the lovely Tamia in the chart topping R&B single, “Spend My Life With You.” Now he is back with his new album, “The One”  and he has “News For You” as he has partnered with EMI to form is own label, Jordan House Records. If you don’t know, now you know, we are talking about Mr. Eric Benet.  He took the time to speak with us about his career, the state of the industry, being an executive, and simply what makes him happy.

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RadioFacts:How have you matured or changed as a man and an artist from the time you debuted with “True to Myself” until the release of your current album, “The One?”

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