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Radio Station Apps: No Longer Welcome in the App Store

 width=Analysis: Single-station playing no longer allowed in the .

’s become more relaxed about the iOS Store recently, with policy revisions and the notable admission of Google Voice for , but that’s not stopping Apple from rejecting app categories that it simply doesn’t like.

The latest victims are single-station radio players, according to a developer who builds and submits these apps to order. Jim Barcus, owner of DJB Radio Apps, claims that Apple recently rejected 10 of his radio apps, on the grounds that they’re essentially spam and are no different than generic fart apps. He even appealed to , who reportedly wrote back, “Sorry, but we’ve made our decision.”

I understand why Apple would want to cut off the flow of apps. A city can have a dozen stations, and accepting every submission would crowd the App Store’s “music” section with a whole lot of audio feeds that very few people care about. I’ve noticed this myself when searching for music apps. (read the whole story here)

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