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Radio Shows Revenue Gains Again in Q1 2012 Digital, Off-Air, Political Spending Shine

 width=Radio posted its third consecutive Q1 increase in 2012 with a 1% rise to $3.814B. Surges in Digital (+10%) and Network (+8%) and a significant increase in Off-Air (+3%) combined with a stable Spot sector, led to the positive results.

Erica Farber, President and . “While continue to capitalize on Radio’s Spot and Network efficiencies, they’re increasingly utilizing local digital capabilities and engagement that this medium affords.”

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Growth from a diverse group of categories and advertisers contributed to the Q1 increases. “Radio continues to benefit from new advertisers beyond the traditional top tier,” stated Farber. “Advertisers using Radio to sell products and promote program tune-in have consistently enhanced their Radio . These increases confirm Radio’s ability to drive sales and brand awareness.”
The top ten advertisers for Q1 2012 in order: ·
  • Comcast Xfinity Cable – $89.7M
  • McDonald’s – $87.6M
  • Safeway – $.3M
  • – $48.5M
  • – $46M
  • AT&T – $45.5M
  • T-Mobile – $42.2M
  • Toyota Dealer Association – $41.7M
  • Fox Network – $39.6M
  • Honda Dealer Association – $32M
Political advertising is playing an important role in Radio’s 2012 revenue growth. The RAB has partnered with PQ Media to provide the industry with a deep-dive view of the political sector and its impact on Radio.

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