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Radio Personality Dies on Cruise Ship

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 width=Ron McClelland , the bassist for Christian rock band Storyside: B, collapsed and while a with 88.1 The Promise, where he was a guest .

According to the vice-president of the station, McClelland , 33, was playing basketball on the upper deck of the Jacksonville-based Carnival cruise ship Fascination. He was just 33 miles from returning to the Jacksonville port when he died Sunday. McClelland was on a listener cruise.

No members of his band were with him at the time of his death. Storyside: B guitarist Preston Pohl was watching McClelland ‘s home and dog, when he got the call about his death “He’s inspired me musically and in every way in life. He wasn’t just my best friend, I could definitely consider him my brother,” said Pohl. “He just always walked around with a huge smile on his face and people just absolutely adored the ground that he walked on,” said drummer Mohilowski. First News has not been informed of an official cause of death. However, in a statement to First News, a Carnival spokesperson writes:

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  1. I loved meeting Ron. He and Jordan were my favorites in the band. I read Jordan’s best friend was Ron. I know Ron is with Jesus now but sad for us cause we will miss him so. I am happy for Jordan now that he is with The Afters. That boy deserves the best. Preston was funny too. God’s blessings to Ron’s family, Jordan and Preston.

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