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Radio One’s St. Louis Urban Stations Helps the Community Express Frustations


RFFocus gives KUDOS to Radio One’s Hot 104.1 and Old School 95.5  in St. Louis for their coverage of the shooting that has gained international attention over the last couple of days. we took a second to speak to station PD Boogie D to get more info….

KEVIN ROSS: Has the crowd calmed since this weekend?

BOOGIE D: Things keep changing every hour…

KR:  What’s it like there in St. Louis what kind of energy is there right now?

BD:  Hurt , anger and shock

KR: What has the station been doing to help the community?

BD: Both stations old school 95.5 and hot 104.1 stopped the music at around 5pm till about 12mid and talked to out listeners. On Sunday we stopped the music around 9 and stayed on the air with both stations till 2am dealing with everything

 KR: Have the authorities been in touch with the station?

BD: Yes, Sat, Sunday and Monday they were all over air waves

KR:  Is the community organizing any marches or meetings?

BD: Yes we have our guy DJ working with the county and local organizations.

KR: These days news on urban radio and outreach during these kinds of situations are so rare, what made you and the station get involved?

BD:  It’s out city and we live here

KR: Anything else you’d like to add?

BD: That our old school 95.5 and hot 104.1 has always been dealing with things that happen in St. Louis with town hall meetings community days and we stop music and talk when things happen when needed.

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  1. Community servants. Something all broadcasters are supposed to be, but since deregulation, few are.
    Glad you’re still taking that part of your license seriously.

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