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Radio One’s Boogie D and Nelly Featured on Local CBS Affiliate in Ferguson (vid)

Congrats to Radio One and Nelly  in St. Louis for their efforts (between songs) to give the people in the community a voice. You can hear the passion in one caller’s voice dripping with intensity and frustration as she clearly demonstrates the dire need for urban radio stations to have news. Who would be best to represent our voice in this situation I beg? While we are great fans of Boogie and Nelly, I have to disagree that the angry protestors are not needed. While I don’t condone setting properties on fire or looting, the racial inequality fight is indeed the most longstanding and often ignored debate in US history.  Black people are extremely frustrated because this fight has been going on for many decades. There have also been very angry protestors for women’s rights, LGBT rights, right to life, Occupy Wall St, even the Tea Party. In any protest it’s the aggression and arrests that makes the international news because it shows the immense frustration and cause for concern. Unfortunately black preachers are not as powerful, believable and influential to the overall black community as they once were in the 60s, so seeing a group of them holding hands and singing “We Shall Overcome” in 2014 does not carry much weight.  The protestors have a right to shout, scream, be angry and heard otherwise this is like telling Michael Brown’s parents ‘Shh, can you not cry so loud?’

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