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Radio One Replaces Lonnie Hunter with Willie Moore Jr.

lonnie-hunterRadio one is replacing syndicated gospel host Lonnie Hunter with hip hop gospel host Willie Moore Jr. The change will take effect this coming Monday.

Willie Moore Jr. Is Set To Host The Willie Moore Jr. Show Weekday Afternoons

The inspirational entertainer’s one of a kind afternoon drive radio show will air Monday-Friday 3-7pm ET nationally beginning today

(September 28, 2015) Broadcast personality Willie Moore Jr. will host a new, inspirational radio afternoon drive radio show, The Willie Moore Jr. Show, beginning today, September 28, 2015, from 3:00pm – 7:00pm ET.

The Willie Moore Jr. Show will feature family entertainment, powerful testimonies, uplifting music, and intriguing interviews along with inspirational content that’s real and refreshing in a one of a kind afternoon drive format.

Host Willie Moore Jr. is a magnetic visionary who identifies with everyone and every situation. Widely known throughout the spiritual community as a celebrated performer and motivational speaker, Moore has impacted the masses through various media channels and ministry partnerships. He is a devoted husband and father who is determined to make a positive impression through music, media, and family entertainment.

Willie_Moore_Jr_887x499Moore previously hosted The Nightly Spirit that airs nightly across the nation from 7:00pm – 11:00pm ETThe Nightly Spirit will continue reaching the hearts and minds of listeners every evening through spirit filled music, interactive features, and uplifting content hosted by the biggest names in inspirational music, community and culture.

Listen to The Willie Moore Jr. Show weekdays from 3:00pm – 7:00pm ET and The Nightly Spirit from 7:00pm – 11:00pm ET nationally. Both inspirational shows are distributed by REACH Media Inc, a part of the Radio One family.


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  1. I think Willie Moore Jr is ok, however, Lonnie Hunter brought a powerful spiritual aspect to his show that you don’t get from Willie Moore. One thing you do get from Willie Moore that you don’t get from Lonnie is SWAG. In today’s culture, swag is embraced and accepted, but it still means ARROGANCE and it has no place in the Body of Christ.

  2. Lonnie Hunter wisdom and spiritual maturity will be missed. Willie Moore Jr. appeal to a much younger audience which is needed but I will definitely miss Lonnie Hunter’s sense of humor and solid advice.

  3. Willie Moore Jr, belongs on the later time slot. I am not inspired by him AT ALL. He is probably cool for the younger listener’s but too ghetto for me.

    I guess I will on listen to the praise radio up until 3:00 p.m.

  4. Lonnie Hunter, was a gentlemen, and her was true to his faith. I listen to Willie Moore and could not relate to him. Although Mr. Moore is genuine, but his approach appeals only to a younger crowd. He is and will make a huge impact on younger souls searching for God.

    I applaud him, and pray that God continues to use him to reach the masses. As for Mr. Hunter, he will continue to be my favorite host. I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Hunter on may occasions. he was always full of knowledge and wisdom and spiritual guidance. I wish him much success in his future with television.

  5. I am so disappointed I can barely stand it. I will no longer listen to 104.1 radio. There is no replacement for Lonnie Hunter. I understand the need to move on. He knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it to inspire and encourage you. Mr. Hunter was the only reason I listened and he is gone and so am I. I wish him the best in all things.

  6. I am disappointed that Lonnie hunter is no longer on praise 100. This replacement came as a surprise to me. I don’t like this one bit. Lonnie hunter but a different type of energy to the radio show. I will miss listening to him on the show.

  7. I listened to Lonnie hunter after getting off of work at 3:00 I enjoyed his entertainment s lot. I will miss him. As for this new emcee I don’t get it at all

  8. This is a move I too am in distress about. Like many other listeners of the Lonnie Hunter show, I feel dissatisfied with the move. My now 12 year old son and I look forward to the show in the evenings after school, and have a good time laughing and discussing issues brought up on the show. When my son was not around and I’m in the car, I would record certain segments on my cell phone so we wouldn’t miss anything. The Willie Moore Jr show does not appeal to me at all, I just can’t seem to gel with that group. If he is reaching more souls then that’s what matters. We wish Lonnie much blessings in his new beginnings.

  9. I don’t understand why they would replace Lonnie Hunter with Willie Moore Jr. .Lonnie Hunter was one of the main reason’s that I listened to 104.1. This a sad day for america. I wish Lonnie Hunter the best of everything and he will be missed.

  10. Big Mistake. I don’t even listen to 104.1 anymore in the evening. I looked forward to listening to Lonnie in the evenings everyday for his advise and wisdom. My parents even stopped listening. I’m old school and this new generation of gospel is not for everyone.

  11. I don’t know why you would make a foolish mistake as removing Lonnie Hunter from your line up. His wisdom surpasses Willie Moore. hip hop has its place, but not in the gospel world. Big MISTAKE!! i will no longer listen to 104.1 and i will encourage others to do the same. I hope one day you will stop pursuing this hip hop trash. I wish Lonnie Hunter well. i hope one day he will return to 104.1 until then you’ve lost me as a listner and a supporter of your station.

  12. I enjoyed listening to Lonnie Hunter. He always had an encouraging & a uplifting spirit, along with wisdom & humor. I also enjoy listening to the Willie Moore Jr. show. The brother is very positive & also has a good spirit. There’s nothing wrong with hip hop gospel….everybody is not a singer. If the people can touch lives & make good music about Christ & the gospel lyrically….God bless’em!!! I like Willie Moore in the old slot, but watch God work.

  13. I am in my twenties and a resident of Charlotte, where I would listen to Lonnie Hunter on 92.7 now 100.9. I am uninspired by the Willie Moore Jr show. I cannot relate to him or the genre of gospel music he plays. I truly miss Lonnie Hunter in the afternoons and since he is gone, I now listen to Pandora instead.

  14. I came back from vacation and the lonnie hunter show was gone, I could not believe it. I looked forward to driving home from work in the evenings with lonnie hunter. The wealth of wisdom in the advice that he gave was priceless, and the battle of the sexes would have you laughing for days. please bring lonnie back, nothing personal against willie moore jr. but he’d better get some where and sit down. Now, while driving home from work my radio is,”OFF.” miss you lonnie.


  16. I enjoyed both Lonnie Hunter and Willie Moore. I’m disappointed the Mr. Hunter won’t be on the radio not that Mr. Moore will be taking his place. I will miss Mr Moore in the evening. I don’t get a chance to catch him in the afternoons like I can in the evenings. I also agree with Willie H comment.

  17. I am Very Disappointed with the change. The music that Mr.Moore plays & his lingo I believe even more perverts the holiness of Christianity & identifies too much with the world. Christian’s are to be an example to the unbelievers not look & sound like them. When Lonnie Hunter was on the radio at least you knew that you were listening to Gospel Music & not Club Music. The world is inspired by the Devil, but Real Christian Radio is inspired by God. WHO’S YOUR DADDY?

  18. Its a sad time since Lonnie Hunter was taken off the radio.I no longer listen to104.1.Lonnie Hunter was inspiring and full of wisdom.Where did you get Willie Moore Jr.from?The music he plays sounds like club music.I understand him trying to reach the young but,I believe he has gone to the extreme.104.1 you r loosing a lot of faithful listners including me.

  19. I agree willie Moore is good for the world,but not for true gospel… But anything goes now a-days , as long as the money aspect is good

  20. I believe in giving others a chance. I’ve Mr Moore a chance and I’m done. When I drive home from a long days work, I need inspiration not this baby momma drama stuff. I guess I will be changing the station in the afternoons.

  21. Where is Yolanda Adams? I miss her and every component of her show and crew. I guess I have to find a new station for my inspiration. Whose brilliant idea was this? They should be fired for not surveying the public to get a general consenus.

  22. I also miss Lonnie Hunter, but life goes on. It has taken some time but Willie Moore is growing on me, initially it seemed that he was strictly catering to the youth, but at 71, his choice of music has come to be enjoyable and uplifting.

    Ruth Warren

  23. I stopped listening when I heard the type of show Willie was promoting. I will come back when Willie leaves. Radio One, you’re losing listeners with these decisions.


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