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Radio One Hires MD for Baltimore Station

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al payne, radio one, baltimore , tayla johnsonIt has been an AMAZING summer!   I have had the opportunity to speak with some of the best and brightest minds in our industry (thanks in part to your recommendations) as I searched for the next person who will assist us as we drive 92Q into the future.   Our next had to be the exact “fit” for all of us—as well as reflect the station and the Baltimore hip hop lifestyle.   I am proud to announce that our search ended in our own back yard with Talya Johnson.   Talya comes back to radio from Living Social.com.   Prior to that, however, Talya spent many years working in the music and at WPGC 95.5.   She worked directly for ’s Sr. VP of Programming Content Jay Stevens, as well as for other outstanding programming executives like Skip Dillard and Brown HornHit.   She has maintained great relationships with many artists and labels while she has been away from day-to-day programming.   She’s also a graduate of Drexel University and has tapped into television too, spending time with FOX 5 DC and Viacom (MTV//Nick @ Nite).   In 2008, Talya was named one of Edison Media Research’s “Top 30 under 30″ nationwide.   I’m excited when I think of our future with Talya!  

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