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Radio One Gives Huge Bonuses


Gives Huge Bonuses…to WHO?

Around the same time Barry Mayo, the former President of the Radio One radio division left the company this past March, CEO announced that employees should not expect any raises even though the company saw a 6.4 revenue increase in the first quarter. He stated the corporation has a bank debt to settle as the reason for no employee raises. Nevertheless, The Radio One board of directors compensation committee awarded 250K bonuses to CFO Peter Thompson and Chief Administrative Officer Linda Vilardo each.     No word on bonuses for , (or Jay Stevens?) but we will certainly keep you posted as soon as we hear. BTW: This must be working wonders for staff morale.

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  1. Unfortunately,too many African American executives do the same things that make their Caucasian counterparts so hated.They could have divided the executive bonuses among the workers that actually get the job done on a daily basis. It’s sad to see our people become the same pigs we hate so much.Dr. King is weeping.

  2. stop with the weak dramatics, dr. king ain’t weepin he sayin stand the ___k up! black folks gotta stop playin coward and call it what it is… if any progress it to be made, because we tried the assimilation game and we see how the fruits of that has bared and it’s pretty rotten from the core.

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