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This is Where Radio and the Music Industry will be in Two Years

The writing is on the wall but many are not reading it, we are waiting for someone else to determine our fate and that is exactly what is happening. This is where the music and radio industry is heading and in just two short years it will be there. All is not doomed but remember… You’ve been warned….

This is Where Radio and the Music Industry will be in Two Years

Corporations have Direct Access to Artists

When radio corporations have direct access to artists they love it. They can negotiate with them and create revenue streams for the station but one must ask how far will the corporations go before certain rules are broken when it comes to airplay? The rules have ALREADY been broken and as long as nobody says anything, radio corporations will continue to sneak in the back door and before you know it there will be new legislation to change the way radio corporations do business.  Artists will be at a disadvantage when they make a deal with one radio station because the competing radio stations will get pissed and use their leverage against them. It’s going to get very political which is why rules were created in the first place…  (click NEXT above or below for next section)


Streaming will take over

Spotify, Pandora and like companies are about to take over. People want music with as little commercial and vocal interruption as possible and they are willing to pay for it. When you compare commercial radio to streaming the difference is amazing and appealing on the side of streaming. DJs, especially on the urban side, have been stifled and censored for too long by the corporations and it’s becoming more and more evident by the on-air presentations.


Some DJs may become extinct

In an effort ot compete with streaming, commercial radio will a have to make drastic changes, if it’s still to remain free they will have to clean up some of the clutter and the bottom line will be DJs or commercials. Which one do you think will remain? Morning and afternoon drive shows will become MORE important but radio corporations will start to rethink middays, evenings and overnights as jockless.


…BUT Local  morning Radio Reborn

Great news for DJs on this end, especially those who know their community. The Michael Brown debacle has put urban radio on notice on how important it is to have local station news and DJs who KNOW the market. In addition there is a ton of local revenue that local stations are missing by having syndication in the morning and many syndicated shows that were once offered for free are now charging stations.   That money, the resources and added revenue could be put to better use by hiring someone in the market to communicate with listeners.


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