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Radio Marketing Director Needed in Cleveland


 width=We are looking for a Marketing Director to oversee , , and WERE brands in Cleveland . This candidate must have these qualities:

* 5 Years marketing experience ( or non or combo of both)
* -Thinking ahead and coming up with great ideas and concepts for each brand that set us apart in the market.
* LEADERSHIP-Able to manage a staff and be able to guide and nurture them.
* ORGANIZATION-Able to handle several things at one time
* PRESSURE COOKER NERVES-Able to get things done and work under deadlines. Get the job done no matter what.
* FUN ““If you don’t have fun in your job then you are doing the wrong job.
* CREATIVE- This is really important.

No phone calls please, send all resumes and creative visions for our brands to [email protected]

Colby “Colb” Tyner

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