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Radio DJ Angie Martinez Get TV Show

Angie Martinez, also known as “The Voice of New York,” is making the leap from hit personality to on-screen host with her upcoming television special, “The Show.”

Born in Brooklyn, Ang has been controlling the air waves of the with her daily radio show on Hot 97 , now she is ready to give fans across the nation a chance to see her go one-on-one with some of today’s biggest stars like Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Marc Anthony in a more laid back fashion, as reported by .com.

“It was casual,” Angie says. “It’s not a big production, it’s not a lot of bells and whistles — it’s just like, interesting talk with interesting people, that’s what we kept saying. It’s that kind of vibe. It’s very comfortable and easy. I like shows like that.”

Ang hasn’t revealed many details about the special, but the [former] rapper hinted at a few discussions she had with Jay involving his wife, R&B superstar Beyonce ‘ in her exclusive interview with SOHH.

“There is some fun, kind of banter about it where I ask him, what happens when there’s kids,” she added. “Like, you can’t hide the kids, like, are the kids gonna be a secret? So there’s kinda like some fun banter about that and it’s really more about his career and how he sees himself, his process in making music , really about what they do more so than any kind of gossipy, kind of, ground breaking segment.”

Ang is anticipating the show’s success and has no intention of making the special a one-time only event. The show’s format models that of other popular interview programs like James Lipton’s “Inside the Actors Studio,” according to SOHH.

“Now we’re all amped and we want to shoot a whole bunch of ’em,” she revealed. “We’re talking about doing a Christmas special. I’m definitely eyeing Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. That’s who I’m really trying to shoot for, for the next one. And I’m a big fan of James Lipton — I just got a call that he would be down to shoot the next one.”

Determined not to be confined to one audience, Ang wants to prove the show isn’t just hip-hop, and is equally entertaining regardless of what genre a guest falls under.

“I’m definitely not sticking to hip-hop,” she said. “I think people who are in to hip-hop are into all kinds of things, too. I refuse to believe people are not interested outside their ‘genre.'”

“The ” is set to air Monday, November 24 at 11:30 p.m. EST on BET.