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RFFocus : Update on Teena Marie Services, Address for Condolences

 width=I know that fans and well-wishers have been anxiously awaiting updates on Teena Marie. I have learned that she had a seizure about 6 weeks ago while in bed and her daughter was able to call the paramedics and get her to the emergency room.

We finally have an address for fans and well-wishers to send condolences that will be given to Teena’s daughter.

“Teena Marie Family”
c/o Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates
3699 . Ste 850
, . 90010

We also have a quote from Teena’s beautiful daughter who ironically and sadly had just celebrated her birthday on Christmas day.

“My mother peacefully in her sleep after a wonderful Christmas with our family.”   Alia Rose

Finally, the memorial service for Teena will not be until after the holiday () we will keep you posted.

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  1. I can only imagine the beautiful music and love in the everlasting. With Luther V., Michael J., Rick J., JamesB., Teddy P., and all the others. Wow, what a heavenly concert! May you rest in peace Lady T. We will all remember you until the day we all are together.

  2. How sad was it to find out that Teena Marie has gone on to join other wonderful heavenly bound singers such as Ella Fitxgerald, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, and a host of other singers. We all know that sooner or later, we will depart this life, the joy of this is to have a legacy that we can leave long after we’re gone. That’s what these wonderful singers has done, they left there mark while here on earth and we’ll always keep them in our hearts. Now those of us that are left, find your mark and we too can leave an everlasting legacy.

  3. i am so angry they did not have any media coverage about teena marie death she was an icon there is no artist today black or white who could compare to teenas vocals her voice was beautiful she will be missed love you Lady T sing on

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