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RFFocus Talks to Lovely Hoffman – Her Black is Absolutely Beautiful

We had the opportunity to chat with R&B Artist and Educator, Lovely Hoffman. The Boston native recently made her radio airplay chart debut at #45 on the Mediabase Urban AC chart, with the release of her first commercial single, My Black is Beautiful. Lovely wrote My Black Is Beautiful as a way to take action to boost the self-esteem of her students, and all women of color alike.  Lovely gave us some insight into her world as an emerging R&B artists who is slated to uplift the culture and change the paradigm.

RFFocus : After watching the video and listening to your song, “My Black is Beautiful,” it seems as if the major target audience of the song is young Black girls and women. Its obvious why your message would resonate with them but do you think it is equally important for young black men or even other ethnic groups to really listen to what you have say? What can others take from this amazing message?

Lovely  Hoffman: While the issue of self-love is pertinent and very relevant to young black girls and women, the song is definitely transferable. The message of the song is self-determination and everyone can benefit from believing in himself or herself. Since releasing the song, I have had the opportunity to speak with so many people; young, old, men, women, students, professionals, ministers, parents, coaches as well as many people from various ethnic backgrounds and so many others from all walks of life, and they all shared how the message in My Black Is Beautiful resonated with them. The commonality in their stories is, “I remember struggling with issues of self-esteem and feeling like I was not good enough.” So truly, the message in My Black Is Beautiful is really universal in that any person can relate to the song, regardless of gender or ethic background; I just happen to it for young black girls and women.

RF: You have touched so many people with your music to the point they speak of crying when they listen to it. When you are in the midst of your creative process, are you seeking to pull those emotions out of people as you write? Do you ever become emotional while writing or performing?

LH: As a singer and songwriter I approach every song with integrity and I think my fans can feel that when they listen to my music. said, “music at it’s essence is what gives us memories.” So yes, I often get emotional when writing and performing because many of my songs are based off of my experiences and they bring me back to different times and places in my life. To me, that is why music is so impactful.

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