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RFFocus Review: Unsung, Stacy Lattisaw and Rose Royce

 width=I got a copy of Unsung the other day for two of the upcoming shows: Stacy Lattisaw and Rose Royce. I LOVE that show, it is truly the BEST thing TV One produces and I look forward to watching it each season. In addition it brings the point home that many of our artists still have huge fanbases out there who consistantly want to know what happened to them.

Stacy Lattisaw was interesting. A chunky fair skinned girl with a big voice, when I watched some of her videos in the show she had the enthusiasm of a boiled egg. Her mother admits that Stacy didn’t really want a career in show business and while I somehow missed that during her heyday, the show makes that very apparent. She was doing it for her parents. Stacy mentions that she did not want to sell herself short by “having sex with this person and that person” so she quit. Ironically, when I asked a few people that knew of her back then, they have a different opinion of her. Who knows. Johnny Gill stars in the show as well as Stacy taking a tour of her old home in DC where it all started and her very first performances. Great show.

Rose Royce: I was not a big fan of the group and I despised the song “Car Wash.” To me, it was the epitomy of ghetto life. What the hell would black people want to sing about a damn car wash for, sh… make a record called Doctor’s Degree. But who am I, Norman Whitfield wrote a plethora of hits for the band which was considered mostly studio musicians with the addition of an unknown (star) girl from Florida who the group didn’t know. There was tension from the beginning as lead singer Gwen Dickey was told to change her name to a stage persona of the group name as “Rose” the men had an issue with that as they felt it wasn’t her group. Still Whitfield moved them into a mansion from South Central LA and Florida, he groomed them, bought them elaborate costumes and wrote all their hit songs. The group felt they didnt’ get paid enough and were at odds with Norman until the day he died. One of them even went to Whitfield’s dying hospital bed and asked him “Why didn’t you give me my money?” I knew Norman Whitfield and we have had some great conversations about music and I’m not sure if the group had a legitimate claim. I mean he wrote all their music, paid for their tours, moved them into his mansion and spared no expense for their success. Sure they should have been paid for tours but should they have been paid for performing Norman’s songs? One thing’s for sure, there were too many members. The group could have still been a huge success at half the size considering Gwen made most of the contribution to their success. It’s unfortunate that Gwen left on bad terms as she could have collaborated with Norman and had more hits. Once again, a can’t miss. More info about the shows below.


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  1. I would like to thank you Stacy Lattisaw for standing up for what was right and not selling out to the wrong crowd. Thank you for being sold out for Jesus! Some many artist get caught up in becoming famous and are willing to sale their soul. Thank God she did not. That is such a blessing to me. Fame and Fortune and the riches can overwhelm anyone who does not have a true relationshiop with God.

    Thanks Again, may God continue to bless you and your family…..

  2. Stacy you are as beautiful now as you were as a child. I remember writing to Henry Tennenbaum of PM Evening Magazine to interview you. He granted my wish. I loved your voice then and I love the lady/woman that you have become. You represent us women/wives/mothers extremely well. Your strength in character and morals set a high standard that we are not accomstomed to from today’s performers. May God continue to bless and protect you and your beautiful family.

  3. Greetings,
    Good insights but you are missing the point with Rose Royce. The band was not too big. Rose Royce flourished in the era of big band funk–e.g. Earth , Wind and Fire, Cameo, Con Funk Shun, Ohio Players, Mass Production, Brass Construction, BT Express and not to mention the orchestral-sized Parliament/Funkadelic. The issue is not the size of the band, but the fact that the lead singer and, most visible star, was not a part of the long-standing group nucleus. Similar tensions emerged with other acts such as Kool & the Gang. In case, thanks sharing your perspectives.
    Keep Funkin’,
    Scot Brown

  4. First off your comments about Stacy were Rude ,they only had a Few Performances of Stacys on the unsung show, any how Stacy Had Ten Albums ,Stacy Can Really Sing ,Stacy is a Real singer & not only that Stacy was a Role model to many young girls like myself in the 80s,Stacy had a lot of wrong doing in her singing career & at the end Stacy did it her Way , Chunky Fair Skinned “Really” ,Its Fair Skin not Skinned, Any whoo its Stacy Lattisaw From DC can you Dig it

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