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RFFocus Review: Dark Shadows



By Kirkland Morris

“At last darkness has come.” Perhaps, just in time. Although Dark Shadows is a funny movie with an edge, it may prove to be just a bit too simple at its core.

Johnny Depp once again brings his “A” to the big screen. He is a master at spewing life into characters who resonate long after the screen goes dark. But, for and fans of Dark Shadows, that may not be enough.

I was familiar with the original 1966-1971 TV series, starring Jonathan Frid, and was not exactly thrilled about an attempt to turn the memorable series into a Hollywood, big-screen adaptation. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the job writer Seth Grahame-Smith did with crafting the big-screen version. Tim Burton also did a nice job of laying his creative veil over the look and feel of the film. Too bad the story, visual direction and acting weren’t all I needed for my entertainment appetite. The characters were delectable but the plot left me hungry. A simple, “˜woman-scorned’ plot tastes too bland.

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