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RFFocus READER STATES: Brian McKnight, Keith Sweat Don’t Deserve Radio Shows


Ed Pearson and Ken Johnson are both history and screwed 18 year ABC vet Mel Devonne in Feb 2009 to add without consulting the affiliates who were satisfied with Devonne for 18 years. This was not reported. Also has a IRS bill of 200k, a recent divorce and weak single and a even weaker CD next week, and none of this is being reported. This dude needs cash. , , and other so called singers DO NOT deserve opportunities in the biz. All who give these so called singers radio positions DO NOT respect our and should be put on BLAST (Doc Wynter)“…Izone

I agree with several of your points, especially the part about artists who are disrespecting our craft and our business by doing these crappy ass shows. How would they feel if we went on stage and sang their songs (without giving them credit).  I like both Ed and Doc and I don’t know what parts they played in the decision to add these shows. I have never met Ken. As far as Brian.. would it be a stretch to assume you don’t like him? (laugh). Those Cali  divorces are infamous. I wish him luck. I have heard from various sources that some of these former celebs are calling the programmers direct to sell their own shows. To a large extent, I think Citadel is the model warning for what’s to come for most syndication companies. In the next couple of years, as radio scrambles to find revenue, the concept of syndication will be less appealing….kevin ross

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