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RFFocus Premieres BlogWallet.com for Urban Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

BLOGWALLET-185x170-e1432673108269We are thrilled to announced our site that has actually been up for almost 4 years but that we have finally decided to produce on a daily basis. Blogwallet.com is a site that is a cumulative space for Kevin Ross’ experiences as a business owner and entrepreneur for the past 20 years in the radio and music industry. We talk about everything from naming your business to marketing, trends, making money, social networking, branding and handling competitors in a no-nonsense way from a perspective that can help many urban and minority entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

“The rules for minority business owners and entrepreneurs are very different and I have always been very passionate about helping others in business succeed. It’s a natural long-awaited progression for me after years of what I felt was a wasted effort in giving free advice in RFFocus to urban radio industry people. They were determined to be reactive instead of proactive when it came to their careers and doing the research, podcasts, special reports and in-depth news about the industry in trying to help them was useless.” Stated Kevin “KevRoss” Ross COO of RFFocus . “I was giving away information for free that cost me a LOT to learn and the effort was futile. RFFocus , our industry site, will continue to report news and trends within the growing and productive radio and music industry but BlogWallet.com will focus on interactivity with those who want to grow their brands, start businesses and have more longevity in their careers from various fields. We have some exciting add ons for the site that will be announced soon.” You can sign up to get email blasts from Blogwallet.com on the site.


CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.


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