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RFFocus Podcast Port: A Chance for Radio Talent to Shine Worldwide

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 width=After hearing the horrific interview that Tom Joyner did with Steve Harvey’s ex wife Mary.. then the GREAT interview the young and fresh Breakfast Club did with her in . We realized there is SUCH limited commercial talent on the airwaves. There is is no room for those in who want to talk about real issues, various subjects or to show their talent and express themselves. Where is the talent? Where is the NEXT radio talent? Where is the talent?

What kind of radio would you REALLY like to do? What kind of show would you REALLY like to have?   RFFocus has thousands of visitors a day which includes radio corporations, consumer corporations, , , celebrities, , producers etc and we are constantly approached by those looking for talent. is NOT the last stop and is slated to explode with the next 12 to 24 months. What is it that you are great at? Talk, Music, Real Estate, Religion, , Books, Reviews, Comedy, Voice Over , Sex, Raising Children, Addiction, Relationships,… WHATEVER. This is a chance for you to shine with few limits on subject matter (unless it’s extremely offensive) and all you have to do is record the show (15, 30, 45 or 1 hour shows) and we will promote.   We will even offer you tips on making your audio show better.  

The RFFocus Podcast Port

  • Showcase your talent on any subject (per our limited guidelines)
  • Do your own radio show that we will market and promote to the industry and worldwide exclusive to RadioFacts.com.
  • Allow from one to 10 shows per month
  • Feature various shows and hosts

There would be a small fee monthly to host the space per show and to market for $10.00 per show. Your show, which must be admitted at least once a month (up to 10 times a month) will be your opportunity to not only showcase your talent to the industry but to the world. Why not take a chance? Interested?.. sign up here

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