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RFFocus Covers Premiere of Showtime’s New Comedy Show, Chocolate Sundaes

IChocolate Sundaesf you have ever spent any significant amount of time in Los Angeles, then you know this is the mecca for all things comedy. Many up and coming comics make the pilgrimage here to hopefully reach the levels of Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and now . If you speak to any comedian out here, you would also know that The Laugh Factory is not only the home of the famous racist rant by Seinfield’s, Michael Richards, but it also plays host to Pookey Wigington’s, Chocolate Sundaes.

Each Sunday on the world-famous Sunset Strip, The Laugh Factory is packed with patrons looking to LOL to some of American’s top comedians. Once hosted by Chris Spencer, , and now Esau McGraw, Chocolate Sundaes is the place were Kevin Hart got his big break and still serves as the place where you may see Eddie, Martin, Chris, Dave, or any other comedian worthy of one name recognition checking out some new talent. Because of it’s success, Pookey, who also serves as VP of Kevin Hart’s company, has now managed to bring his Chocolate Sundaes brand to Showtime. Hosted by , CS is a stand-up and sketch show that features some of the hottest comedians in the game.

RFFocus had the chance to attend the official launch party and screening of Chocolate Sundaes in Beverly Hills,  where the jokes were flying, the drinks were flowing, and comedians such as Tony Rock, JB Smoove, Chris Spencer, Deon Cole, Na’im Lynn, Esau McGraw, and many others came out in droves to support Pookey and Tommy in their new venture. We caught up with Pookey and when we asked him who does he think is the next comedian to blow, he had this to say, “Wow, that is definitely the best question of the night. You know what Hollywood is tricky and especially when it comes to Black comedians trying to break into the mainstream. Right now Kevin Hart is on top. We just did two successful tours and broke many records doing so. Even with that, he won’t be on top forever. Right now DeRay Davis, JB Smoove, and Mike Epps are comedians that I see are progressively getting better and seem poised to take it to the next level but Hollywood generally only lets in one at time. But I could definitely see one of those three breaking that barrier.”

We also caught up with Tommy Davidson and asked him what a platform like this meant for Black comedians or comedians in general. In his hilarious yet serious way, he said, “Exposure! We need this type of exposure to be seen and heard. What I love about this show is that it’s stand up and . Pookey vetted this comics over years before he let them even think about being on the show so I know it will work and it’s funny. The last time I was apart of something like this, which was In Living Color, you see what happened. We need this and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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