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RFFocus Anniversary Gives “Flowers to the Living”


RFFocus 17th Anniversary Magazine/ Issue

“Flowers for the Living”

Last week, I was invited to attend a listening party for Usher in Las Vegas. In the midst of having a , I could not help but to think how unfortunate it is that we don’t have urban radio conventions in the industry anymore where people from ALL companies and corporations can attend. I’ve also been asked many times to put on a conference for the urban radio and music industry with RFFocus .

This week we also lost one of the greatest and legends in the urban radio industry.

Mr. was truly one of the last remaining true urban radio legends who was deserving of the as he was right there decades ago to experience what many of us would consider unfathomable in today’s industry.

Shortly after his death this week, I had a conversation with WBLS’s Skip Dillard about his history in the industry and it literally sounded like the makings of a great script for a movie. Jackson was so determined to work in radio that he ignored being repeatedly told that a black man can’t be on the air at a radio station yet he pursued his dream and made it happen. For those of us who are hardcore true radio , we can appreciate and respect people like Mr. Jackson. The outpouring of love and respect that I have received via email and phone calls this week on his behalf is beyond comprehension. He was truly loved and respected and he was fortunate enough to do what he loved doing until the end.. Radio.

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