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RFFocus Advertising Special for Independent Labels

Your Chance for Advertising in the   Blog During Our Contest of the year… The RFFocus Top 25 Programmers..BOMBARD Urban with your Product for Three Entire Weekdays! Here’s how…  

(Kelly Rowland ad is from an actual previous campaign and is used here as an example of the size and type of ad that we can do for this special)

  • RFFocus will assemble a banner after you email elements (pic, text, logo, impact date if any, mp3).
  • We will get your approval before we post the ad.
  • We will post a link on the ad to hear and/or download the song (or product)
  • The ad will run on post (may be rotating with no more than three other ads) for three prime days during the week.
  • Banner size is 468 x 60
  • We can include an email address but we don’t recommend this (will explain)
  • Must be an independent company.
  • All for an INCREDIBLY LOW price for this kind of exposure.
  • Ads MUST be paid in advance before they are assembled and run.

As we know this may generate a lot of responses, please have your budget and ability to make a decision in place before contacting us so that we can save each other a lot of time. Current include: J Records, Columbia, Epic, , Warner Bros, and more. We are an established and respected 15-year-old national radio brand and the leader in online urban radio blogs and sites.. : Your Online Information Station!

For the price, contact [email protected]