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RFFocus 5 Days to Raise Kicks Off December 6


RFFocus Kicks Off December 6

RFFocus will kick off the annual “5 Days to Raise” campaign to help former industry people and their families for Christmas who are in need. We collect donations from the radio and music industry then send gift cards from $50.00 to $100 dollars to those in need just before Christmas. This year our goal is $3000.00 and the campaign will start December 6. 2012 thru December 11, 2012. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. If you are in need please go here. (no phone calls or email requests please. Donations are ONLY given if this form is filled out). Your information will be kept confidential. If you have money to donate, you can do so by clicking the Paypal Donate button to the right or sending your check or money order to:
5 Days to Raise
11054 Ventura Blvd #142
Studio City, CA. 91604

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