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Radio One and Black & Brown People Vote Join Forces to Increase Voter Registration

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Radio One and Black & Brown People Vote Join Forces to Increase Voter Registration and Black Voter Turnout in 2016 Elections
The partnership launched ONE Vote, a multi-media campaign to educate and engage Black America and Millennial voters. #OneVote

SILVER SPRING, MD, March 17, 2016 – Radio One, the largest African-American owned and targeted multi-media company in the country partners with Black and Brown People Vote (BBPV), a civic engagement and participation project, focused on amplifying the voice and the votes of communities of color. Together, they launched ONE Vote, a multi-media campaign on all Radio One assets – TV One, Reach Media, interactive one and 56 local urban radio stations with the intent to increase Black voter registration and turnout in 2016 elections. Moreover, the ONE Vote campaign is designed to educate and engage the media companies’ vast Black and urban audience on critical political issues through the use of entertainment and events.

Radio One’s multi-media companies powered by BBPV launched its 8-month campaign today. From syndicated and local radio personalities to television and social media messaging; and from digital voter registration to local community events, the campaign’s multi-pronged approach is slated to reach nearly 82% of Black Americans who consume news, media and entertainment from Radio One. The focus of the campaign is first to reinvigorate the record number of African-Americans that voted in the 2008/2012 campaigns and motivate them to make voting nationally and locally a long-term commitment; and to engage Millennial voters who are crucial to the 2016 election.

Radio One has been a voice for and to Black America for 35 years. Our mission is to inform, inspire and entertain,” said Yashima White Azilove, Vice President, Corporate Communications of Radio One, Inc. “This election cycle gives us a unique opportunity to leverage our multi-media resources and unparalleled reach to manifest our mission to serve Black America and encourage our people to vote. Each person’s ONE Vote matters at every level of government and civic engagement.”

According to BBPV Co-founder Ifeoma Ike, “People of color make up 31 percent of 2016’s eligible voters, the largest percentage ever. Today, more than ever, we are seeing an increased demand in young people leading movements, diversified leadership that represents the interests of communities, and even the courageous activism of individuals still fighting for their human and civil

rights. If we want to ensure our voices are heard from Flint to Ferguson, we must engage all year round. We do it in the pews. We do it in the protests. We must also do it at the polls.”

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