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Radio and Music Industry-Wide Stress Poll

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This week, we have been on the phone, getting emails and exchanging text messages with more urban radio PDs than in the entire history of RFFocus but the PD Stress/Depression Poll sparked massive interest not only from our target programmers but from MANY people in the industry including label people, Jocks, major and , producers, marketing and promotions and small business owners in the industry. We are all seeking the top or as many stated even to remain relevant and we have a LOT of people succumb to industry stress. How long can we keep going when we are stressed out? I asked a PD that yesterday. His response was “That’s a great question.”   Here are some of the interesting comments we have gotten this week concerning stress:

: “I’ve noticed I’ve been more than usual”

Record Label Exec: “Looks can be deceiving, being on top is not as hard as staying there.”

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